The CSA is addressing smart home data privacy, and it’s about damn time

Image from CSA data privacy working group announcement depicting a stylized padlock and the words “Connectivity Standards Alliance Announces Data Privacy Working Group.”
The organization behind Matter wants to create a data privacy specification for the smart home. | Image: CSA

Do you wish you could see exactly what data your smart thermostat collects and how it uses that information? Would you like to know what your video doorbell knows about who visits your home and when? Are you interested in who can see that map of your bedroom your robot vacuum generated? Or would you at least like to be reassured that no one else knows these intimate details?

Today, the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), the group behind Matter, announced the formation of a new Data Privacy Working Group. The group will develop a global “Alliance Data Privacy Specification” to certify the data privacy of smart devices and the services they use as well as provide information about how that data is used in a clear, digestible manner —…

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