Lectric’s new electric cargo bike could be the perfect e-bike for families on a budget

Lectric XPedition electric cargo bike
Image: Lectric

Lectric, maker of low-cost electric bikes, has just revealed its first cargo bike, the Lectric XPedition. And like the rest of the brand’s lineup, the XPedition is extremely attractively priced at $1,399 — or $1,699 for dual battery version — making this one of the cheapest car replacements on the market today.

Lectric touts the XPedition as “the ultimate transportation solution,” and it’s hard to disagree when you look at the specs. With 180mm rear and front hydraulic disc brakes, a rear-hub motor, and a maximum payload capacity of 450lbs, the Phoenix-based company’s first cargo bike appears to check a lot of the right boxes right out of the gate.

Image: Lectric

The single-battery version, with 48 volts and 14 Ah…

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