Ikea’s new air quality monitor lets you keep an eye on pollutants in your home

A desk with a digital air quality monitor sitting on top of two books.
Ikea’s new Vindstyrka indoor air quality monitor is coming in April. | Image: Ikea

Keeping track of air pollutants in your home just got easier thanks to Ikea’s new Vindstyrka indoor air quality sensor arriving in April. The tabletop device features a large display so you can see in real time the particulate matter levels (PM2.5), humidity, temperature, and total volatile organic compounds (VOC) of your home’s air. No pricing has been announced yet, but knowing Ikea, it’s likely to be competitive.

The Vindstyrka (which translates to wind force) can work as a standalone air quality monitor or connect to Ikea’s new Dirigera hub ($69) to view readings in the Home smart app and control Ikea’s air purifier line, Starkvind, to help improve air quality.

Image: Ikea

The Vindstyrka indoor air quality…

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