Whoop whoop: the excellent Whoop fitness tracker got more affordable

The Whoop 4.0 in a strap, the battery pack, and the sports bra.
Whoop’s subscriptions are at its lowest yet… which is still pretty expensive. | Image: Victoria Song / The Verge

Whoop is hoping everyone will give a whoop that it’s lowering subscription prices — an admittedly rare thing to see from companies in the current economy. Annual subscription prices will drop from $300 to $239, while 24-month subscriptions will decrease from $480 to $399. That’s a $61 and $81 decrease, respectively. However, the monthly membership will remain at $30 with a 12-month commitment.

“We’re a premium product but we would never want price alone to be a reason someone can’t sign up for WHOOP,” Whoop CEO and founder Will Ahmed told The Verge in an email. “We see a lot of other companies raising prices right now and given the economic climate and pressure on household budgets we just don’t think it’s the right call. Our bet is that…

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