Tesla fired dozens of Gigafactory workers after Tuesday’s union announcement: NLRB complaint

Tesla Inc.’s Solar Panel Factory As Workers Try To Unionize
Tesla’s Buffalo, New York facility, aka ‘Gigafactory 2.’ | Image: Getty

The Workers United union has alleged that Tesla fired dozens of employees at its Buffalo, New York plant just one day after workers there made public their plans to form a union, Bloomberg reports. At least one of the fired workers was part of the 25-employee organizing committee, while several others had taken part in labor discussions, according to a complaint filed with the US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

The complaint alleges that the firings were illegal, and came “in retaliation for union activity and to discourage union activity.” The Workers United union is seeking a federal court injunction to protect employee rights in its NLRB filing. “This is a form of collective retaliation against the group of workers that started…

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