We talk to technicians keeping old HomePods and Harmony remotes alive

Various iFixit tools for repairing tech.
Illustration by Alex Park / The Verge

This week on The Vergecast, the flagship podcast of home theater remotes, we dedicate an episode to the right to repair the technology you own.

We live in a world where our most important gadgets are with us at all times. Because of this, we expect them to last as long as physically possible. Unfortunately, the reality of consumer tech today is that a lot of gadgets are not built with the intention of being easily fixable when they break. On today’s episode, we talk to people who are figuring out how to repair the tech we use every day so we can use it even longer, even after manufacturer support stops.

First, we chat with Nic Splattstoesser, a technician who is running his own business repairing Apple’s first-generation HomePods…

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