Riot’s next League of Legends spinoff is a 2D action RPG

Promotional art for The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story
Image: Riot Games

Riot Games announced a new title in its growing lineup of League of Legends spinoffs on Wednesday, and you won’t have to wait too long to be able to play it. The new game, called The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story, is a 2D action RPG developed in partnership with Moonlighter developer Digital Sun, and it’s set to launch in the spring on PC and consoles.

The Mageseeker is a “gritty indie 2D hi-bit pixel action RPG that lets players raise a rogue mage army and lead a revolution,” according to a press release from Riot, and you’ll play as Sylas, one of the champions featured in League of Legends. The company provided a very brief glimpse of the game as part of a trailer about its League spinoffs in development, but even that short…

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