Google launches first Android beta for ad-tracking overhaul

Two mobile devices displaying the Privacy Sandbox on Android beta. The mobile on the left shows the settings page, while the right-hand device shows the listed interests you’ll find.
Eligible device owners can opt themselves in or out of the Privacy Sandbox on Android beta at any time in the settings menu. | Image: Google

Around this time last year, Google revealed it was working on a multiyear initiative to improve privacy and remodel ad tracking on Android phones, bringing the mobile platform in line with Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature for iOS. Following the release of an early developer preview last April, Google says the first beta for Privacy Sandbox on Android will start rolling out tomorrow to a limited number of Android 13 devices, allowing users and developers to test the new technology in the real world. Access to the beta will expand “over time,” and devices selected to participate will receive an Android notification informing users of their eligibility.

The Privacy Sandbox on Android is a set of tools that aim to create a new…

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