Discord Stage Channels adds Twitch-like video and screen sharing

An illustrated mock-up of the new video and screen sharing features for Discord Stages on both a mobile and desktop device.
Discord’s new video livestreaming features allows smaller content creators to broadcast and screen share directly to their community Discord servers. | Image: Discord

Discord is already a beloved communications platform for YouTube and Twitch’s livestreaming communities, but now the company is taking its own first significant step into the livestreaming industry. Announced today, Discord has updated its Stage Channels feature to support video, screen sharing, and a text chat for viewers to interact with hosts and each other. The update is available now and is supported across all Discord desktop and mobile applications.

Stage Channels were first introduced as a live audio feature in March 2021, enabling users to broadcast conversations between designated speakers and moderators to a room of virtual listeners, much like Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse. Where Stage Channels were initially limited to…

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