Epic’s new clips app helps you easily share moments from Fortnite and Rocket League

Fortnite characters on motorcycles.
Land an awesome jump? Clip it. | Image: Epic Games

Epic Games has just released Postparty, a new iOS and Android app to help you share clips from your Fortnite games on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can already capture gameplay on your own on those platforms, but Postparty is designed to make it easier to save, edit, and share your clips. Postparty also works with Rocket League, though only on PlayStation and Xbox for now.

To make clips using Postparty, download it from the mobile store of your choice and log in with your Epic Games account. Make sure the Fortnite or Rocket League account you want to make clips with is tied to your account, then jump into a game to start clipping.

I tried Postparty in a round of Fortnite, and as soon as I landed on the island, I started…

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