Is this Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered Bing?

A screenshot of the homepage for Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. A banner says “introducing the New Bing: Ask real questions. Get complete answers.”
A screenshot purportedly showing the “new Bing,” inviting users to query an AI chatbot. | Image: Owen Yin

Microsoft is reported to be capitalizing on the success of ChatGPT by integrating the AI chatbot into its search engine Bing. But what might that look like? We may now have some idea, thanks to Bing users who said a new, AI-assisted version of the search engine mysteriously appeared (and disappeared) earlier today.

Student and designer Owen Yin reported seeing the “new Bing” on Twitter this morning. He told The Verge via Twitter DM that he has Bing set as his homepage on Microsoft’s Edge browser and the new UI just loaded up. “Didn’t do anything to find it,” said Yin. “After a couple of minutes it stopped working … Jaw dropped when I realized what I was looking at!”

(The Verge has been unable to verify the authenticity of these…

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