Why hundreds of thousands of Texans lost power in another cold snap

A closeup of icicles hanging on power lines.
Frozen power lines are seen hanging near a sidewalk on February 1st, 2023, in Austin, Texas.  | Photo by Brandon Bell / Getty Images

Power outages hit hundreds of thousands of Texans during a winter storm this week, bringing to mind deadly blackouts the state suffered in a 2021 cold spell. More than 400,000 customers had no electricity today as the icy storm that started Monday entered its final stretch.

This week’s blackouts, however, played out much differently than the 2021 disaster. And fortunately, the ice storm is forecast to finally ease up today. But it was another reminder of the work left to do to shore up Texas’ fragile grid.

The hashtag #TexasFreeze trended once again with scenes of vehicles skidding on ice-covered roadways and frozen trees wrecking power lines. There’s also…

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