Garmin finally introduces wireless charging with its stylish new hybrid smartwatch

Garmin Vivomove Trend sitting atop a wireless Qi charger
The new Vivomove Trend works with Qi-certified wireless charging pads. | Image: Garmin

While Garmin’s latest hybrid smartwatch doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it is adding a long-overdue feature: wireless charging. The $269.99 Vivomove Trend will be the first of any Garmin device to add Qi compatibility.

Wireless charging isn’t new to smartwatches. In fact, most modern smartwatches come with some kind of wireless charging magnetic puck. The catch is these chargers tend to be proprietary, and even if you have a Qi charger, it likely won’t work with your smartwatch. Or, at least, not reliably. Conversely, Garmin says you should be able to plop the Trend onto any existing Qi-certified charger you may already have. This is neat, as losing smartwatch chargers is more annoying than your typical gadget. Not only is there a good…

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