Anker launches cheaper USB-C fast charging options for Samsung Galaxy phones

A black cube charger with the AC power blades flipping out, and Anker logo on the side, and a single USB-C port with a blue IQ3 logo above it.
Anker 313 is a compact 45W GaN USB-C charger with flip-out pins and PPS support for Samsung devices. | Image: Anker

Anker’s releasing a pair of new “Ace” compact USB-C chargers that are intended for owners of the latest Samsung devices. They support Samsung’s Super Fast Charging 2.0 specification to quickly juice up newer Galaxy phones — Anker claims its 313 charger can fill up an S22 Ultra’s 5,000mAh battery from zero in under an hour — and should pair well with the S23 phones Samsung is announcing later today (perfect timing, Anker) or any other mobile gadgets you need to plug in.

Samsung’s Super Fast Charging relies on a USB Power Delivery (PD) specification called PPS. Unlike proprietary fast charging tech, like the Warp Charging in OnePlus devices, PPS is open for any manufacturer to use, but only Samsung seems to be using it widely.

Many USB-C…

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