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How to watch Samsung’s February Unpacked event

A pink Galaxy S23 Plus next to a beige Galaxy S23.
Image: WinFuture

At this year’s Samsung’s new Unpacked event, the company is expected to introduce three new Galaxy S23 phones along with (rumor has it) up to five brand-new Galaxy Book laptops — and it is going to announce them at the first in-person Unpacked event since February 2020. So you can look forward to a good show as well as some very interesting devices. In fact, Samsung is so confident about its upcoming tech that, before the event even happens, it is offering a $50 credit to those who want to reserve one of the upcoming Galaxy phones or Galaxy Books.

If you don’t plan to attend, however, there is an easier way to watch: the February 1st event, like many others over the past three years, will be livestreamed. Here is where, when, and how…

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