Apple Music’s Replay 2023 playlist is here to track your favorite songs

The Apple Music iOS logo on a green and white background.
Excited for my top 10 songs this year to just be the new Boygenius album. | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Apple Music users who love having a playlist of their favorite songs rejoice: Apple has made the Replay 2023 playlist available, letting you see which songs you’ve listed to the most this year. The songs that are on it and their rankings will almost certainly change before the big replay roundup in December, but it’s nice to start using it now as a shortcut to playing music you know you’ll like.

The playlist has come a bit early this year, as XDA Developers points out. The 2022 version was released around the middle of February. It seems as if Apple is taking the feature a bit more seriously; last year, it apparently decided it should actually compete with Spotify’s Wrapped feature and made its end-of-year recap significantly more…

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