The Meta Quest Pro is $400 off this week

The Quest Pro headset from the side.
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Meta has given its professional Meta Quest Pro headset a temporary $400 discount, bringing its cost down to $1,099 in the US. The deal, which, according to CNET, runs for one week in the US and two weeks in the UK at a price of £1,299, at least temporarily mitigates one major point of criticism for the high-end headset.

The Quest Pro offers a few significant features that Meta’s $399 Quest 2 doesn’t. It supports full-color passthrough mixed reality with front-facing cameras, and it comes with new self-tracked controllers that are more compact, plus eye and facial feature tracking. The tradeoff is a heavier design that we had some notable problems with. For anyone who’s specifically interested in those options, the price cut makes it a…

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