Fortnite’s new concert is a strange musical raid

A screenshot of the Kid Laroi’s avatar performing in Fortnite.
The Kid Laroi’s avatar performing in Fortnite. | Image: Epic Games

Checking out The Kid Laroi might be the first time I ever died during a concert — virtually, of course. The Australian singer is the latest artist to headline an interactive Fortnite experience, but this one differs a bit, adding a touch more of the shooter action that’s core to the game. The result is a strangely compelling experience that further expands what these kinds of virtual concerts can be. It even has a miniature raid.

Called “Wild Dreams,” the virtual music experience is billed as an “immersive sonic experience portraying Laroi’s journey from humble beginnings to headlining sold-out performances as a worldwide superstar.” Unlike virtual concerts from the likes of Travis Scott and Ariana Grande, which took over the entire…

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