World Surf League adopts Apple Watch as its ‘official wearable’ for competitions

Brazil’s Ítalo Ferreira surfing in the middle of a pipeline wave
This is the first time the Apple Watch will be an official wearable of choice in a professional sports league. | Image: World Surf League

The Apple Watch will officially be catching waves. The World Surf League announced today that it’s adopting the Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra as official equipment to keep surfers up to date during competitions. It marks the first time a professional sports league has named the Apple Watch as its official wearable of choice.

Before each heat, each athlete will be given Series 8 and Ultra watches preloaded with a specially made WSL Surfer app. The app will connect with the league’s scoring system in real time and give surfers updates on scores, wave priority, and how much time is left in the heat. They’ll also be able to see how many points are needed to either advance or take the lead. The idea is to help surfers better plan and focus…

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