This sick new desk from Steelcase costs almost $10,000 and might be worth it

Image of Steelcase’s desk and chair.
The one problem with this desk is that it demands a Smith Corona, not a MacBook, which would make writing these articles difficult. | Image: Steelcase

It’s not often that furniture makes a splash in The Verge’s newsroom (okay, it does happen occasionally), but when one of my colleagues dropped in Gizmodo’s article about Steelcase’s Frank Lloyd Wright Racine Collection, it immediately got everyone’s attention. “I volunteer as testing tribute!!!” said our smart home reviewer Jennifer Pattison Tuohy. “If anyone needs a kidney lmk,” sighed Alex Cranz, referring to the prices that we’ll talk about in just a moment.

The brand is known for practical, ergonomic, and well-made office ware, but this crop of furniture has a striking midcentury modern aesthetic that feels straight out of Wright’s era. I mean, just look at it. These pictures aren’t from the greatest antique store haul ever or a…

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