Apple is reportedly working on a way to make AR apps that’s as simple as talking to Siri

Image of the Apple logo surrounded by gray, pink, and green outlines
“Hey Siri, make an AR version of the Apple logo.” | Illustration by Nick Barclay / The Verge

Apple is apparently working on a way to let you make apps for its long-rumored mixed reality headset using Siri, according to a new report from The Information. Yes, that Siri, the one that routinely messes up basic requests or errors out in frustrating ways, will apparently be able to create entire augmented reality (AR) apps that you’ll be able to share with others on the App Store.

The technology behind this app-building tool comes from a 2017 acquisition of a startup named Fabric Software, which The Information is the first to report on. According to The Information, the development tool could “allow users to build an app with virtual animals moving around a room and over or around real-life objects without the need to design the…

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