[{"title":"Corning’s latest Gorilla Glass can now survive a one-meter drop on concrete","url":"https://www.theverge.com/2022/11/30/23485664/corning-gorilla-glass-victus"}]

The Samsung Galaxy S23 might be able to survive a waist-high drop on concrete

This is not a Samsung Galaxy S23, but rather a puck Corning uses to test its glass. | Image: Corning

Samsung will officially announce its next Galaxy smartphones on February 1st, including a new Ultra — and Corning just revealed they’ll be the first phones to protect their screens with Gorilla Glass Victus 2.

Like I told you in November, Corning says its new cover class should be able to survive a one-meter drop on concrete, one of the more difficult landings for a phone because of all those jagged bumps. (The original Gorilla Glass Victus from 2020 claimed to be able to survive two-meter drops, but only on smoother asphalt; Victus 2 can do that as well.)

Now, we don’t know that Samsung’s phones will actually survive any of those drops. Yours might not! Corning’s latest press release with Samsung doesn’t tout the one-meter claim at…

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