Angry Miao’s quirky new keyboard saves space by using a touch panel for arrow keys

The Angry Miao Compact Touch keyboard in black and white “Mech Love” colorway with see-through smoked keycaps and predistressed metal case. The keyboard is sitting on a desk mat with its colorful RGB lighting on.
That tiny touch panel at the keyboard’s front is what you use for arrow gestures.

Angry Miao is at it again with another unique mechanical keyboard that costs a small fortune. This time it thought, “Hey, wouldn’t you love to use perfectly straight swipe gestures instead of physical arrow keys?”

This new board is called the AM Compact Touch. Angry Miao calls it a 65 percent board, but it doesn’t have arrow keys. Instead, it has a small touchpad on the front for swiping your up, down, left, and right directions. If that sounds tedious and finicky, well, you’re right, though this keyboard is much more than that. It’s also a mixed bag of impeccable build quality, excellent typing feel, and some confounding design decisions. It’s set to launch February 2nd on Indiegogo, ranging in price from $398 to a hefty $615 depending…

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