Strava will add high-res 3D maps for outdoor activities

Visual mockup of a 3D mountain with various points of interest mapped in Strava app.
This is what Fatmap’s 3D outdoor maps on Strava could look like. | Image: Strava

Strava routes are about to get three-dimensional. The popular fitness social network announced today that it’s acquired Fatmap, a mobile app known for its 3D maps for outdoor sports like hiking, trail running, skiing, and mountain biking.

“Fatmap tech will power Strava maps for both free members and subscribers,” Strava spokesperson Brian Bell told The Verge, noting that subscribers will get more maps, discovery, and route planning features. It’s likely that’s to provide extra value to premium membership, especially since several Strava users were put off by a recent price hike. As for when the Fatmap integration will go live, Bell says that the company is aiming for the middle of the year.

Image: Strava

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