Elon Musk gets serious about 420 at securities fraud trial

A magenta-hued photograph of Elon Musk against a wavy illustrated background.
Illustration by Laura Normand / The Verge

Elon Musk insists that 420 isn’t a joke to him.

In testimony during his ongoing securities fraud trial on Monday, Musk argued that the $420-a-share price he proposed back in his infamous “funding secured” tweet from 2018 wasn’t a weed joke but actually just a coincidence — with a dash of karma.

Musk was asked about the proposed share price by Nicholas Porritt, an attorney for a class of Tesla investors who are suing the billionaire CEO for the loss of millions of dollars that they say resulted from his bungled attempt to take Tesla private. And it prompted an eyebrow-raising response from Musk regarding what he considered a serious proposal despite nearly everyone else taking it as an obvious reference to cannabis.

“You rounded up to…

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