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Here’s how to preorder Apple’s new HomePod

A stock photo of the new HomePod
The new HomePod packs an upgraded chip, a temperature sensor, and Matter compatibility. | Image: Apple

Shortly after announcing a new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro and a revamped Mac Mini, Apple has announced a new full-size HomePod, which includes a host of upgrades and will begin shipping on February 3rd. We haven’t reviewed the new model yet, but preorders for the $299 device are available now through Apple, Adorama, Best Buy, and B&H Photo if you’re eager to adopt Apple’s latest smart speaker ahead of its release.

The second-generation HomePod is a follow-up to Apple’s original device from 2018, and while it mimics the design of the original (read: discontinued) model, some significant hardware improvements make Apple’s forthcoming automation hub worth looking into.

The biggest and perhaps most obvious upgrade to the new HomePod is…

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