YouTube creators are ducking outraged by its swearing policy

YouTube logo image in red, over a geometric red, black, and cream background
Don’t put this article in your video’s thumbnail. | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

At exactly 18 seconds into his video “YouTube is Run by Fools,” ProZD makes his feelings on the platform’s recent restrictions on foul language crystal clear: “That’s the dumbest fucking shit I’ve ever heard.”

The tirade’s timing was deliberate, meant to test the company’s updated “approach to profanity” that it announced in November: YouTube will now limit ads or completely demonetize a creator’s video if they swear within the first 15 seconds. That may not seem like a huge deal on its own, but it also seems to apply to every video YouTubers have ever created — and they’ve done a whole lot of swearing.

ProZD is far from the only creator speaking out about the changes, as YouTube is seemingly on a demonetization spree that’s affecting…

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