The FAA hopes airplanes and 5G can get along by early next year

Photo of a 5G cell tower
For over a year, the rollout of C-Band 5G around airports has been contentious. | Photo: Mitchell Clark / The Verge

The Federal Aviation Administration is proposing a solution to the long-running dust-up between the airline and cellular industries over 5G rollouts: stricter requirements for radio altimeters in airplanes, which would potentially go into effect early next year (via Bloomberg).

The piece of safety equipment, which ties into several systems for most commercial jets, operates using radio frequencies that are similar to the 5G C-band radio waves that Verizon and AT&T have been rolling out after acquiring licenses to use the bands for billions of dollars. C-band is almost critical for 5G to live up to all the hype; it’s what allows carriers to offer incredible speeds without the minuscule range of mmWave.

In theory, this shouldn’t be a…

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