Marvel Snap’s bundle pricing is out of control

Graphic from Marvel Snap highlighting the new Savage Lands season featuring Storm, Kazar, and Zabu.
Image: Second Dinner

Marvel Snap’s first patch of 2023 is here. And while it comes with an interesting set of buffs and long-asked-for nerfs, it also brings a new bundle in the shop that’s finally causing me to give my favorite mobile game ever a bit of side-eye.

As mobile games go, Marvel Snap’s been really good about its monetization scheme. You spend $10 a month if you want that season’s new card / premium battle pass filled with premium prizes, which feels fairly standard. You can also spend money on gold, which is used to buy credits that cosmetically upgrade your cards. As you upgrade your cards, you gain collector levels that, as your level increases, reward you with newer, more powerful cards. While that does sound slightly like “pay-to-win,” you can…

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