Victrola announces the Victrola Stream Onyx, a cheaper version of its Stream Carbon turntable

Image: Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge

Want the joys of analog audio but the convenience of wireless speakers? Victrola has an option for you: at CES, the company is introducing a new turntable called the Stream Onyx that’s capable of streaming records straight to a Sonos system.

The Stream Onyx is certified for Works With Sonos, meaning it can wirelessly transmit audio to Sonos speakers. As a result, you can easily play vinyl records through your entire Sonos system without needing to install any extra equipment. Instead, you use the Victrola app to connect the turntable to your Wi-Fi and Sonos system.

This is Victrola’s second Works with Sonos turntable, following last year’s $800 Stream Carbon. The Stream Onyx shaves that price down a touch — to $599 — by shaving off some…

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