This Asus Chromebox doubles as a 15W wireless charging pad for your phone

A puck PC with a phone on top with a charging icon on its screen
The Asus Chromebox 5. | Image: Asus

If you want a hockey puck of a computer to easily deploy on a desk or behind a monitor, you’ll find plenty on sale, from the Mac Mini to Intel’s bare-bones NUC. But Asus is adding a “why didn’t anyone think of that?” feature to its new Chromebox 5 this year: a built-in 15W wireless charger for your phone and / or earbud case.

Okay, technically, someone did think of that before: you could buy an aftermarket wireless charging “lid” for some Intel NUCs, and Intel even added the feature itself to a few NUCs. But it’s rare, and this is the first time I’ve seen it on a Chromebox. Last generation, Asus simply advertised that its Chromebox 4 could deliver power to a phone with a USB cable, which, well, duh.

The Chromebox 5 runs the lightweight…

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