Samsung’s new smart home hub is hidden inside a wireless charger

A smartphone on a wireless charger on a night stand next to a small black tracking device.
Samsung’s new SmartThings Station is a smart home hub, a wireless charger, and a SmartThings Find device. | Photo by Owen Grove / The Verge

A little over three years after getting out of the smart home hardware game, Samsung is back with a new smart home hub. And this time, Samsung has figured out a way to make you actually want to put a device hub in your home: by building it into a wireless charging pad.

The SmartThings Station is a chunky charging puck that supports Matter and Thread to connect devices like TVs, speakers, thermostats, lighting, and plugs to SmartThings. It also works with the new smart home standard Matter to onboard devices to any Matter platform.

And, of course, it can charge your gadgets. The Station doubles as a 15W fast wireless charging pad for Galaxy smartphones and earbuds (it will charge other phones, just not as fast). I am definitely here for…

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