Masonite’s door with a Ring doorbell and smart lock built-in will cost you $6,500

The front porch of a residential house with a Masonite M-Pwr smart door for its main entrance. The door is dark gray with a frosted glass panel, and it has a video doorbell, smart lock, and lighting built into it.
Soon you may be able to spot the rich person on your block just by noticing this door. | Image: Masonite

The smart door may finally be coming to a fancy block or neighborhood near you. One whole year after announcing its first smart door for residential homes, Masonite is now announcing at CES 2023 that its M-Pwr door is arriving later this year. The $6,500 exterior door will be sold at Home Depot retail locations, with the option for professional installations through local contractors.

The M-Pwr is an all-in-one solution for the smart home tech you typically want facing your front porch: a Ring video doorbell, a Yale smart lock, and motion-activated lighting to welcome you home are all built-in. It’s hardwired to a home’s electricity, so all the devices are powered full-time without having to worry about keeping anything charged — and an…

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