JBL’s Quantum 910 headsets bring head-tracking spatial audio to consoles

The JBL Quantum 910P and 910X wireless gaming headsets, which are capable of tracking your head during gameplay for more immersive audio.
The JBL Quantum 910P (left) and 910X (right) are identical, but the 910X offers broader platform compatibility. | Image: JBL

JBL has launched a range of new Quantum gaming headsets for PS5 and the latest Xbox consoles. The most interesting duo includes the 910P and 910X (two different colors but the same model), its flagship wireless models that will cost $299.95 when they launch in March. They offer active noise cancellation and the ability to pair with a phone to take calls while you game, but head-tracking spatial audio is their standout feature.

Spatial audio is a topic that we’ve covered a lot because it’s cool, and it’s not difficult or expensive to find headphones to experience it for yourself. Heck, just pair a relatively new set of AirPods with an iPhone or an Apple TV and there should be some content for you to check out, complete with head tracking….

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