Bird Buddy’s smart bird feeder snaps photos and identifies hummingbirds

Picture of a hummingbird drinking out of a Bird Buddy smart feeder.
The birds get nectar — you get a picture of them. It’s a win-win. | Image: Bird Buddy

Internet of Things devices and CES go hand in hand, but the Bird Buddy Smart Hummingbird Feeder is in a category that’s entirely new to me. Sure, I’ve been aware of devices that are meant to feed and monitor the animals that live inside your house, but I’m still somehow surprised (and delighted) to discover that there are companies doing the same for the animals outside your house as well.

As its name implies, this device is meant to hang outside your house and provide delicious nectar to the local birds, and Bird Buddy says it’s designed specifically to prevent leakages and mold. But unlike the standard $20 or $30 hummingbird feeders, the Bird Buddy includes a motion sensor-activated camera that will take pictures and video when a bird…

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