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Aqara delays Matter transition until January

Three Aqara smart home devices on a white table. An orange chair is in the backdrop.
An update for the Aqara M2 smart home hub (pictured far left) was initially planned for December 2022, but has since been delayed until 2023. | Photo by Thomas Ricker / The Verge

A free Matter software update for the Aqara M2 smart home hub has been delayed until January 2023. A statement from an Aqara representative to HomeKit Authority claims that the maker of affordable smart home devices “needed more time to ensure the customer experience was right.”

The update will make over 40 of Aqara’s existing Zigbee devices Matter compatible and was originally scheduled to roll out sometime in December 2022. While the short delay may be disappointing, it may not be a bad thing — our own early review of the Matter smart home network saw mixed results regarding connectivity and setup, so a bit more time in the oven couldn’t hurt.

There’s no word if the delay impacts Aqara’s overall timeline for its transition to Matter….

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