You’ll soon be able to talk to Home Assistant without Google, Siri, or Alexa

The home assistant application is running in a browser window, and a microphone icon is at the bottom of a smartphone style text message conversation between a bot and a user asking what temperature it is in the living room.
Home Assistant’s Conversation integration can already take text commands and could become the basis of its new voice assistant efforts. | Image: Home Assistant

Home Assistant, the open-source smart home platform, is getting its own voice assistant. Its founder, Paulus Schoutsen, posted a blog last week announcing a new project that could localize all voice commands that control smart devices — without the need to connect to a cloud that assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have. The voice assistant is targeted to be available sometime in 2023.

Schoutsen also runs Nabu Casa, a company that provides what’s effectively first-party cloud services for Home Assistant and also contributes to the development of the free platform. In addition, it’s making the Yellow out-of-box hardware solution that can run Home Assistant in your home without your needing to manually build one on a computer…

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